DanHatch Poland S.A. owns a specialized fleet for moving chicks and hatching eggs. Our vehicles are air-conditioned and fitted with automatic temperature and carbon dioxide level control, thus allowing the driver to constantly monitor the load. Even highly unfavorable external conditions (summer temperatures reaching 35–38 ̊C, winter temperatures falling below ‑20 ̊C) are not a problem anymore. Our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art solutions supplied by Heering, a global leader in manufacturing specialized vehicles for day-old chicks.

Our fleet consists of 12 vehicles and is subject to regular maintenance and checks, not only in technical terms, but also in terms of quality of supplied goods. After every operation, each vehicle is thoroughly washed and disinfected in our in-house car wash. Washing and disinfection quality is monitored by veterinary services.

DanHatch Poland S.A. drivers are skilled not only in transportation procedures, but also in unloading the goods on farms and inspecting local conditions. We ensure safe transportation of chicks in an optimum condition over distances reaching 2 000 km.

Our high-class fleet of vehicles and skilled drivers allow DanHatch Poland S.A. to cooperate with the most demanding partners from various parts of Poland and Europe.

DanHatch is the proven partner!

millions of broiler chicks sold annually


share in the poultry market in Poland


DanHatch Poland breeder farms in Stradyń, Jabłonnej, Pieszcz, Staniewice


DanHatch Poland rearing farm in Solec Nowy