DanHatch Poland S.A. has a state-of-the-art in-house veterinary clinic. On request of the customer, chicks can be vaccinated in the hatchery against infectious poultry diseases:

  • Marek’s disease;
  • Gumboro disease – no need for later vaccination at the farm;
  • Infectious bronchitis (IB);
  • Newcastle disease (ND);
  • Reoviridae;
  • Swollen head syndrome (SHS / TRT).

Vaccination is carried out by skilled personnel. For a few years our hatchery has actively participated in a program aimed at improving hatchery vaccination quality organized by Ceva, called C.H.I.C.K. (Ceva Hatchery Immunisation Control Keys). The program includes professional assistance in many areas, such as:

  1. Handling of vaccines;
  2. Improvement of vaccination techniques;
  3. Handling of vaccination equipment;
  4. Audit and monitoring;
  5. Expertise and education.

The C.H.I.C.K. program consists in running multiple tests and measurements of storage, preparation and vaccination proper.

Sound vaccination management requires accurate data. Therefore, an important task within the Program was to develop an application that records and presents key vaccination efficiency indicators. During a routine visit Ceva specialists can use the application to instantly show statistical data and make recommendations. On top of that, the hatchery receives an audit report by e-mail.

The C.H.I.C.K. program also covers chick vaccination equipment, such as automatic injectors and spray vaccination machines.

Our hatchery is equipped with:

  1. Dovac – day-old chick automatic injectors;
  2. Hatch Sprayer – mobile spray vaccination machine;
  3. ILS – spray machine embedded in the process line.

Thanks to constant control and training of our vaccination staff we achieve a 99.8% efficiency of injection vaccination, as repeatedly confirmed by C.H.I.C.K. audits. By ensuring hygiene of the process and proficiency in using the equipment we have eliminated post-vaccinal complications.

We only use vaccines from renowned suppliers, taking into account preferences of our customers.

Rigorous biosecurity procedures are followed both in the hatchery and on breeding farms producing hatching eggs for DanHatch Poland S.A. The quality of produced chicks is of key importance for our company and therefore we are very serious about biological security of our hatchery and farms. As a result, the stocks of DanHatch Poland S.A. enjoy a Salmonella-free status, and situations requiring administration of medication are reduced to a minimum. Our breeding stocks are subject to a uniform vaccination program aimed at ensuring adequate antibody levels in chicks (e.g. against Gumboro disease, IB, CAV, ND, AE, REO). Stocks are also safeguarded against Salmonella infections (live and inactivated vaccines).

Parent stocks of DanHatch Poland S.A. are subject to regular inspections in terms of adherence to biosecurity procedures and bird health, which is monitored also by testing hatching eggs delivered to our hatchery.

DanHatch is the proven partner!

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