DanHatch Poland S.A. is one of the largest producers of day-old broiler chicks in Poland. The company’s headquarters and hatchery are located in Stary Widzim near the town of Wolsztyn in western Poland (Wielkopolska region).

Cooperation with the Danish DanHatch Group began in 2009, with a view to expand and reinforce the strong position of both companies in domestic and European markets. The coupling of knowledge and experience with robust organizational structures of both companies has been strengthened and deepened ever since. Involvement, passion and many years of experience in the broiler market guaranteed solid growth in the industry.

Day by day, the trust from our customers motivates the entire team to face new challenges. Currently, DanHatch Poland S.A. has become one of the largest producers of day-old broiler chicks in Europe. Our target is to sell approx. 120 million chicks per year. DanHatch Poland S.A. is a professional partner not only for individual producers, but also for integrated poultry companies that are being developed all over Europe. Apart from domestic customers, the company also cooperates with clients from the Czech Republic, Belarus and Russia.

DanHatch is the proven partner!

millions of broiler chicks sold annually


share in the poultry market in Poland


DanHatch Poland breeder farms in Stradyń, Jabłonnej, Pieszcz, Staniewice


DanHatch Poland rearing farm in Solec Nowy