Originally named “Hama-Bis", the hatchery was founded on September 25, 1998. Already in the first year of operation the company held approximately 7% of the broiler chicks market in Poland. The first owners were Ms. Hanna Szyło and Mr. Marek Krzysztoszek, who established a private partnership named Zakład Wylęgu i Dystrybucji Drobiu Hama-Bis and started a hatchery in the village of Stary Widzim. Interestingly, the name “Hama" was formed from the first letters of the founder’s names. In 2002 Mr. Łukasz Szyło joined the company as a new partner.

From the very beginning of its operation ZWiDD Hama-Bis paid particular attention to the quality of its products. The owners consistently followed their vision of expanding the hatchery and improving the quality of produced broiler chicks. The objective was to develop a company that operates an integrated system of producing hatching eggs, hatching, chick distribution and rearing, based on constant quality control and professional technical advice at all stages of the production process. Currently we are confident that the objective has been achieved.

Expansion of the company and regularly increased production inspired organizational changes within the company. In 2007, a joint-stock company was formed by the name Hama Plus, and the entire enterprise of ZWiDD Hama-Bis became part of it through contribution in-kind. As a consequence, the hatchery continued its operations in the form of a joint-stock company. The first President of Hama Plus S.A. was Mr. Łukasz Szyło. In its new organizational robes Hama Plus S.A. continued the company’s growth policy, in particular by increasing production capacity and striving for top-quality production.

Over the years the plant was being developed. An in-house veterinary clinic run by specialist staff was opened. Specialized vehicles suitable for moving chicks over large distances. Certificates and licenses necessary for trade with Eastern European countries were obtained. In 2007, the company built its fourth production module, thus significantly increasing the plant’s capacity. In addition, the existing infrastructure was thoroughly modernized and repaired.

A key change in the development of Hama Plus S.A. was marked by attracting an industry investor – Denmark’s Dan Hatch A/S. Undoubtedly, a major challenge and one of the priority goals of the new owner was to reinforce the industry-leading position of Hama Plus S.A. through producing top-quality day-old chicks and good cooperation with customers and partners in the poultry industry. When the company was joined by a new shareholder, the line-up of the Company’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Board changed. As a result of the cooperation with DanHatch A/S, Hama Plus S.A. gained access to top quality raw material and long-term support.

In 2010 a long-term investment plan covering the extension of the hatchery was adopted and subsequently implemented in the following years. As part of further development of the enterprise, two limited liability companies were formed: “DanHatch Polska” and “Hatching Eggs Farms”. In 2012, a state-of-the-art hatching eggs farm was launched. The facility is located in the village of Stradyń, just 5km away from the hatchery. Also in 2012 production of hatching eggs began on a farm in Pieszcz, owned by Hatching Eggs Farms Sp. z o.o. Hama Plus S.A. holds 50% shares in that company.

In accordance with the plan, key investments undertaken in 2014 concentrated on the extension of the hatchery in Stary Widzim. A new raw material warehouse was completed, featuring a production module for reception and transfer of hatching eggs, supplied by Pas Reform. A state-of-the-art heating and cooling plant was built and commissioned, ensuring significant savings. In accordance with the extension plan - in 2014, 12 new setters and 24 new hatchers were installed. In the beginning of 2015 next 6 setters were installed (whole module include 36 hatchers and 24 setters). In 2015 an extension of warehouse and hatchery was started, due to enable capacity of 105 m. broiler chicks. Construction of 2 new breeding stock farms began in Solec Nowy (rearing) and Jabłonna (laying).

DanHatch is the proven partner!

millions of broiler chicks sold annually


share in the poultry market in Poland


DanHatch Poland breeder farms in Stradyń, Jabłonnej, Pieszcz, Staniewice


DanHatch Poland rearing farm in Solec Nowy