The Rearing Period

The process of successful rearing operations is the foundation for the production of broiler hatching eggs. Key words here are parameters as Bio-security and Uniformity across all stages of the development. Health monitoring programs during entire production period secure the absence of zoonosis diseases.

The choice of our breeds is based on the genetic characters and qualities within a range of different parameters. Points here are related to aspects as reproduction in parent generation as well as beneficial parameters as growing rate, feed conversion and livability of the produced day-old broilers.

The operation takes place from the stage of day-old bird and the following 18–20 weeks of life – until the point well before sexual maturity of the stock is reached. The task is focused on the developing the received day-old chicks produced from the Grandparent generation and on transforming the stock into healthy and sound pullets of the parent generation, which will be able to obtain a persistent and sound production of fertile broiler hatching eggs during the production period.

The day-old stock is received and placed into rearing farms, which are separately located from other poultry facilities, and which have undergone a thorough cleaning and disinfection prior to preheating and preparation. After the assessment the birds are placed in pens according to their breeder flocks’ origin as well as their sex. All birds are reared on floor with soft and friable litter of wood shavings.

Birds feeding takes place on a paper several times daily, to stimulate a good and uniform start of all individual animals, as well as the free water availability. The hygiene of drinking water is strongly addressed at all times– in order to secure the purity and absence of all potential pollutants. The climate conditions in all parts of the farm are adjusted to match the wellbeing of animals.

Feed distribution and water administration during the entire growing period are daily monitored and adjusted, in order to follow the physical development pattern decided for the flock. Accuracy of this task as well as flock monitoring and readings of birds’ behavior have strongest priority here.

Immunization and vaccination of the stock during the rearing period is essential for the flocks own health protection as well as having the aim to transfer a uniform antibody level to the progeny. Programs for this task are set in place together with veterinarian supervision – based on both national as well as international experience and recommendations. The execution of these processes is closely monitored by own - DanHatch Poland veterinarian resources.

Selection and grading of the entire flock take place from a relative early stage of the production, and are a continuous process during the middle period of growing. Weekly bodyweight control and the monitoring of a flock development ensure the flock will develop into even and uniform birds prepared for the transfer to production houses.

The technical installations on the rearing farms are carefully chosen from the best suppliers – and selected after consulting, which is based on many years of experience gained on this field within the entire DanHatch Group.

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